Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Raking Leaves

 I spent an hour raking leaves into heaps and then transporting them to borders, tubs and shrubs for mulch. A tedious job but I wouldn't be without our trees. I love them so much - the evergreens too.

I did my weekly shop early this morning when the supermarket opened at 8am. I've always shopped at this time as my head is clear and I have no distractions.

 Now that we live in strange times, I like it even more. Apart from the face covering, I can feel as near to normal as possible and not contend with too many other people and their fear and judgements of how well or badly I comply with the rules . 

No matter how well the face covering fits, my glasses periodically fog up, and for some reason when I wear it, my nose runs like a tap behind it with no possibility of pulling out a tissue for fear of sparking outrage. I suffer from year round allergic rhinitis and the anti histamines are useless. But blowing your nose in public is not a good look now.

Enough moaning. Tomorrow we will see new baby grandchild again and that lifts my spirits and makes me forget everything else.

1 comment:

  1. I understand your nose problem. Tom, my husband is on oxygen most of the time and this affects his nose, he is constantly having to deal with it and it gets him down.
    I am waiting for my Grandchildren to produce babies now, all of my Grand children are grown up.
    Thanks for the lovely comment you left for me.